The following Q&As are intended to help communicate what this project is intended to achieve and also what it isn’t. We will add further answers as questions arise.

Q: Why is Jisc transforming its Library Support Services?

A: There are 2 main reasons. Firstly, it is not as clear to libraries how our services support the many activities they are required to carry out. Secondly, our services operate independently and duplicate effort. In transforming our services, our aim is to make our offer clearer and introduce efficiencies to our services for the benefit of librarians and Jisc alike.

Q: How this will help you?

A: By making our services easier to use and ensuring they integrate more smoothly with other library systems, we will enable users to get the most out of them. By consolidating our library offer, it will be clear how our services can support the work of librarians and enable us to be more responsive and support our members in a UK context.

Q: Will Jisc be creating one single service for all its library support functions?

A: No. Jisc understands that our members want flexibility to use only the services that they want or need. Instead of a single, multi-functional service we will ensure our services meet the needs of library activities and provide an improved user experience, which is also more seamless for users moving between our services.

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