The following Q&As are intended to help communicate what the Transforming Library Support Services (TLSS) programme is intended to achieve and also what it isn’t. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Q: What benefits will TLSS bring to libraries?

A: The TLSS programme will save users time, enabling more effective use of our services. The benefits and what the programme will deliver are detailed below:

  • We will simplify our service portfolio so that it is easy to understand, provides clarity about what our services do and how they support your work.
  • We will implement a modern and consistent design across our services delivered to accessibility standards, providing the same experience for any user, making it easier to move between services.
  • We will enable you to exploit data held within Jisc’s services to support you to do your job more efficiently and effectively
  • We will extend automation over manual processes within and across our services, enabling users to exploit the data within more efficiently.
  • We will coordinate and consolidate our service communications, including our training provision, which will be made simpler via the clear and consistent offer.
  • The transformation of our infrastructure will ensure that our services can more easily accommodate and support changes in our sector into the future.

Q: What is the Transforming Library Support Services (TLSS) programme?

A: TLSS is a programme of work intended to improve our offer to libraries through a number of different but related projects:

  • Developing the National Bibliographic Knowledgebase (NBK)
  • Redeveloping the Jisc Collections website
  • Orchestrating the data used by each of the library support services, standardising data sources between services and eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort
  • User experience re-design of services
  • Consolidation and development of supporting infrastructure

Read more about each of these in our Transformation Projects section.

Q: Why is Jisc transforming its Library Support Services?

A: There are two main reasons for the undertaking the TLSS programme. Firstly, our offer to libraries is fragmented and we want to ensure it is clear to libraries how our services can support them. Secondly, our services operate independently and duplicate effort. In transforming our services, our aim is to bring about positive changes such as efficiencies and time-saving in using our services.

Q: Will Jisc be creating one single service for all its library support functions?

A: No. Jisc understands that our members want flexibility to use only the services that they want or need. Instead of a single, multi-functional service we will ensure our services clearly support library activities by providing a refreshed, streamlined user experience. Read our blog post to find out more about our roadmap for delivering the TLSS programme.

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