Library Services Advisory Group

The Library Services Advisory Group provides Jisc with strategic advice and guidance to ensure it provides effective library support services, which take account of the changing needs of higher education institutions. This Group will enable Jisc to:

  • Ensure sector consultation and input at every point of the process from development of strategy to service delivery
  • Benefit from insights and expertise within the sector
  • Streamline the number of groups from whom it is seeking advice and guidance
  • Provide consistency, clarity and transparency to the sector on the role and remit of advisory groups
  • Agree success measures for the service portfolio

The full list of group members and minutes from previous meetings are available.

Background to the Group

The new group succeeds two other Jisc strategic groups; the Knowledge Base+ Advisory Board and the Bibliographic Data Oversight Group (BibDOG). The Group was originally called the Library Management and Bibliographic Data Services Advisory Group but was simplified to Library Services Advisory Group in January 2018.

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