Library Hub Community Advisory Board

The Library Hub Community Advisory Board (LHCAB) advises Jisc on the development of all aspects of Library Hub services for the library community, the operational impacts of the National Bibliographic Knowledgebase (NBK) and related initiatives.  Previously known as the Collection Management Community Advisory Board, the name, purpose and role of the group was reviewed and revised in April 2020.  The remit and scope of LHCAB was broadened to reflect changes in the operating context for Library Hub services at Jisc and in the wider community.

Meetings are held 3 times a year and Terms of Reference are reviewed annually.

Summaries of meetings and other news can be found here.


Sandra Bracegirdle, University of Manchester

Shirley Cousins, Jisc

Alan Danskin, British Library

Joanne Dunham, University of Leicester

Ruth Elder, University of York

Neil Grindley, Jisc

Stuart Hunt, University of Reading (Chair)

Mark Hughes, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Diana Massam, Jisc

Hannah Mateer, University of Edinburgh

Tracey Middleton, Bangor University

Bethan Ruddock, Jisc

Jane Saunders, University of Leeds

Gary Ward, University of Sheffield

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