Jisc and CNI leaders’ conference – Monday 2 July 2018: registration now open

Digital technology is revolutionising research. At the same time, research processes and practice are modernising and these developments mean a new role for the library in supporting both the research institution and strategic requirements of the university.

Research is a global endeavour and supporting modern research requires changes at institutional, national and international levels.

The library has always been a key pillar in supporting the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge and – along with other actors – need to both adapt and lead change to achieve the aspirations of modern innovative research.

Digital will power new forms of research and open up new opportunities. Data will be a key driver in this, leading to increases in the speed of access to outputs, greater collaboration and sharing across disciplines. It will lead to more openness and transparency in the research process, generating more value and new discoveries, as well greater impact and trust.

Developments such as these will enable greater partnerships and collaborations, amongst researchers globally and with industry and society at large, helping meet the goals of knowledge exchange and those of policy makers, as well as delivering wider impact and benefits to society.

There are many challenges we face to ensure we can reap the full benefits, not least the skills required by researchers and those who support them in this technology driven landscape. How can institutions adapt to ensure they have the right skills, support and staff embedded across the research life-cycle?

All of this will radically change the nature of research and how the future library can not just support these developments, but is a driver to deliver them and the benefits they can bring.

The 12th biannual Jisc and CNI conference will bring together leading experts in digital scholarship from the US and UK to explore, and share leading international practice and policy, addressing these themes.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Adam Tickell, vice-chancellor, University of Sussex
  • Richard Ovenden, Bodley’s librarian, University of Oxford
  • Susan Gibbons, university librarian and deputy provost, Yale University
  • Dan Cohen, vice provost for information collaboration, dean of the libraries, Northeastern University
  • Roly Keating, chief executive, The British Library

As well as representatives from a further 20 international research organisations including Mellon Foundation, University of California, Berkeley, University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh and Wellcome Trust.


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