Licence subscriptions manager launches today

Our new Licence subscriptions manager service launched today, which is a milestone in transforming our offer to libraries. This new service replaces the catalogue and ‘My Account’ functions of the Jisc Collections website and provides new and improved features to make the process of subscribing and managing your Jisc Collections negotiated agreements easier and faster.

Access the service:

We will continue to develop and enhance Licence subscriptions manager and welcome your feedback. Read on to see the improvements available now.

Modern, clear and intuitive user interface

The new service has a modern, clear and intuitive user interface, which meets the latest accessibility standards and uses the same design as other Jisc services, including the new Library hub services.

From the homepage, you can see the latest products added to the catalogue and link to related services such as Chest and KB+. You can quickly access our about section which links to Banding information, FAQs and guides via tabs and login to access all your information.


Improved search and browse capabilities

The catalogue comes with several existing and new features, including filtering on free products and those with a free trial; filter by account and resource type. You can search just on the name of the product or the full text. There are also advanced search features including wildcard and phrase searching. Full catalogue records and further features are available on login.



Login, My Subscriptions and My Account

Once logged in, as well as access to full product catalogue records, the results are automatically tailored to your Jiscband. Your band is displayed alongside your organisations name in the top right. You can hide your active subscriptions o that you see which products you do not yet subscribe to. Add a further filter and see which products have been recently added or were new this year or are going to be expiring soon.

In the My subscriptions area, you can also filter by the status of your subscriptions: Active; Cancelled; Expired; Pending Start; and Pending Payment. You can also export all your subscriptions or export them individually. You can access further information about each subscription as well, including financial details.



From the My Account area, you can view your own details and your team view and update access details and view the monthly negotiation reports from Jisc Collections You can also view saved products in the Wishlist area and a new quotation feature, helping you to keep track of quotes from publishers.




Further information about the move to Licence subscriptions manager is available in these FAQs. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the helpdesk.

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