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Library Hub Discover: Interface enhancements

Interface enhancements

We are appreciative of the feedback we’ve had on the Library Hub Discover interface and in response to this we’ve introduced a couple of changes, with a focus on enhancing the record displays.

A more concise result list

When you do a search your result list will now be more compact and you will be seeing more documents on the screen. If you look at the list of holding libraries for each document this now shows a maximum of 7 libraries. If you wish to see the remainder, select the ‘show’ option at the end of the library list eg. …  If you select a document title the full list of holding libraries is always shown in the full record display.

Summary holdings

In the result list, select a document title to see the full record display, then look below the document details and you’ll see a new option to view ‘Summary holdings’. If you select this you’ll see a table listing all the libraries that hold that document, with basic information about the location and any copy notes. This may be most useful for journals, for which it will include summary details of the available volumes at each library, where we have this information.

Note, the Summary holdings table:

  • doesn’t give live availability information, so it will not tell you whether a book is on loan and it may not include detailed volume information for journals.
  • it includes some notes about a copy of a document, but where records have a range of local notes, such as the name of a previous owner of the document, this information won’t be included.

To see the full holdings display for each library select a library name. The holdings display will have all the local notes, as well as live availability data where possible – which lets you check if a document is on loan and, if so, when it is due back. For some documents a single institution may have multiple copies in different branch libraries, each listed on a separate line of the table. In this case, if you select the library name this will always take you to the same holdings display, with information about all the available copies at that institution.

We are continuing to work on the interface and will be introducing further changes in coming months. If you have comments about the recent changes or requests for other features, please contact us via mentioning Library Hub Discover.

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