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Following our last post on adding more Open Access resources to Library Hub Discover, we’ve added records from the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and Jisc Historical Texts and Journal Archives (currently free to all Jisc members).

We’ve also made some changes to the sort order to bring OA and online resources to the top of your search results. You will now see OA resources first, followed by non-OA online resources, with print material last.

Where there’s an indication in the source record that the resource is OA, we’ve now added the OA symbol next to the library/resource collection name, as well as in the summary record, eg

For online resources where there is no OA symbol, you may be required to enter institutional credentials to access the material.

Many publishers are now making their online materials freely available during the COVID-19 crisis. So if you find an online book or journal it is worth trying the URL links in the record to see if you can get access. You may find that some URL links take you through a university login – so look for links that are direct to the resource eg. the first link below goes straight to the online book whilst the second will take you through an institutional login:

And if you can’t see a direct link try a web search for the publisher web site and journal name to see if you can have access. You can also contact your own university or college library service to see if they can advise regarding access to particular resources.

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