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New Branch Library Search Option in Library Hub Discover

Many of our contributing libraries have more than one branch library and in some cases they have many, for example, the University of Oxford sends us records for materials held in their many university and college libraries, whilst the National Trust has libraries in properties across the country. A search of Library Hub Discover will find materials held in all our contributing libraries but, should you wish to do so, you can limit your search to a specific institution by selecting from the Library list on the Advanced search screen. And we have now extended this option so that you can choose to limit your search to individual branches of a particular library, for example, you can now confine your search just to the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford, or to the National Trust’s library at Lyme Park.

In the Advanced search screen, in the Library list you can select the name of a library to limit your search to the collections of that institution. But where a library has more than one branch you can now select the arrow > to the left of the library name and this will show you the list of branch libraries from which you can select. You can choose a mix of whole libraries and individual branches to include in your search of Discover.

Including all the branch libraries makes the Library list rather long, so you may want to search within the Library list to identify the libraries you want to include in your search of Library Hub Discover. If you start typing into the search box at the top of the Library list this will immediately start reducing the library list to those with matching elements in their name. Eg. if you start typing music, you will immediately see the range of libraries diminishing until you are left with a list of specialist music libraries (such as the Royal Academy of Music) along with specialist branch libraries (such as the Jewish Institute Music Library at SOAS, University of London).

These is more information about the branch library search in the Advanced search help.

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