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Data quality: how do we measure it?

Join our consultation events to help draft a method for assessing record quality: part of our early plans to develop a Library Hub Analytics service.

One aim of the NBK has been to support libraries in reviewing catalogue data and helping to raise quality where this may be needed, improving catalogues locally as well as for record share through Library Hub Cataloguing. Improved data quality also helps with record deduplication, benefitting both resource discovery and collection management. So now that the NBK is established, we are beginning to plan what an Analytics service might look like, to support NBK contributors with data review and upgrade.

For example:

  • You may have concerns about the records you are receiving from a particular ebook supplier. An Analytics service might allow you to review those records to assess whether there is actually a problem and what the issues are to focus on in discussion with the supplier.
  • You might wish to identify basic records from a past retrocon that need upgrading. We might then look at options to request ‘better’ records to replace these. Or possibly to request particular fields that are missing from your records, thereby avoiding the loss of local content.

One important element of this work is an understanding of record quality and what a ‘better’ or ‘best record’ might look like. Of course, there isn’t necessarily a single answer and different libraries might have varying views on how they would like to see records ranked. So we also want to see how we could combine a measure of quality with other preferences. For example, we might identify a ‘better’ record using a mix of record quality and a preference for an RDA record, or a record from a specific library whose cataloguing style and/or subject focus is a good match to your own.

We are drafting an outline method for assessing record quality and we would like your input into this activity. We are aiming for something that is practical, understandable, and maintainable.

Data Quality Introductory Webinar: Tuesday 9th June 2 – 2.30pm to introduce our draft record quality measures.  Register with your name, institution and email address at (numbers will be limited but a recording will be available).

Following the webinar, draft documents will be made available via this blog: please send your comments to us by Tuesday 30th June at  These will then be reviewed by the Library Hub Community Advisory Board at their meeting on 1st July.

Data Quality Follow-up Webinar: Tuesday 14th July 2 – 2.30pm to present a review of feedback and an updated methodology and to discuss next steps.  Numbers will again be limited but a recording will be available.  Registration will open on 30th June.

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