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Ending of Jisc and OCLC National Metadata Agreement: practical impact

As the National Metadata Agreement between Jisc and OCLC has now come to an end we have made some changes to the way we deal with OCLC data. From today (1st Aug 2022):

  • we are no longer supplying OCLC with update files from NBK contributing libraries for inclusion of their data in WorldCat
  • and OCLC provenance MARC format records, made visible in Library Hub Cataloguing in March 2022, have again been excluded from shared cataloguing.

The Library Hub Cataloguing database has reverted to the form it took 6 months ago before the OCLC data access changes were implemented.

The absence of an agreement with OCLC has no impact on NBK contributing libraries being able to upload all their data into Library Hub Discover and Library Hub Compare. The licensing issues relate to MARC format records and there are no MARC records in Discover and Compare as all incoming data is converted to non-MARC formats for display and export.

So the ending of the Metadata Agreement has no effect on the NBK as a whole. We will continue to ingest all data from our contributing libraries into the NBK, to create Library Hub Discover and Library Hub Compare.  And, as previously, we will continue to create Library Hub Cataloguing, excluding any MARC format records that have licensing restrictions, for example, records with provenance from BDS, ProQuest, and now OCLC again.

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