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Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

Library of the Week: 11th December – Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining! Find out more about the history of the Institute as well as the services provided today and discover more about the IOM3 Library and their amazing collections. Thank you to Linda Dawes (Librarian) and Katherine Williams, (Content Manager) at IOM3 for this brilliant post.


IOM3 history started with the formation of the Iron and Steel Institute in 1869.

The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3) was formed from the merger of the Institute of Materials and the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy in June 2002. Its roots go back to the Iron and Steel Institute which was established in 1869. It received Royal Charters in 1899 and 1975. IOM3 merged with the Institute of Packaging in 2005, the Institute of Clay Technology in 2006 and incorporated the activities and membership of the Institute of Wood Science in 2009 and the Institute of Vitreous Enamellers in 2010.

The Institution of Mining and Metallurgy brought their historic mining book collection with them when they merged with The Institute of Materials in 2002 to form IOM3.

The Institute today

IOM3 now has a membership of over 15,000 of which nearly 25% of reside overseas. Members come from all levels within industry and academia, from students to technicians to managing directors and chairs of major companies. IOM3 today spans a broad spectrum of materials and covers all aspects of materials production, processing, design and end use. Industries include, for example, biomedical, electronics, smart materials, aerospace, automotive and energy generation as well as the traditional materials industries such as the steel and heavy clay industry.

The Institute’s headquarters is in Euston Road, London but its library is housed at the Grantham centre.

IOM3 Library

The collection includes some specialist mine diagrams.

IOM3 Information Services provide both a technical enquiry service and more traditional library services to members, non-members, industry, academia and the public. In recent years our library collections from different sites and predecessor bodies were brought together in our Grantham centre. As well as books, there are conference proceedings, materials, mining and metallurgy journals, rubber reports, maps, metals statistics, and other valuable information relating to the Institute’s core subject areas. At the heart of the collection is the Institute’s own publications, but this has been enhanced over the years by the merging of various predecessor collections.

IOM3 library collections occupy approximately 3.15km of shelving in 84 stacks.

The library is open Monday-Wednesday 9am-5pm to members and non-members by appointment only. For enquiries or to book a library visit please email

For more information about the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining

Linda Dawes, Librarian and Katherine Williams, Content Manager.

All images copyright of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, reproduced with kind permission of the copyright holder.

You can explore the library’s collections on Discover and find further contact details on their Discover information page.

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