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Latest University and Specialist library catalogues added to Discover

We’re pleased to announce that the holdings of the University of West London, the Salvation Army International Heritage Centre, Museum of the Order of St John Library, Glasgow School of Art and Oxford Brookes University have been added to the Library Hub Discover service. University of West London The University of West London operates libraries […]

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Library Hub Cataloguing: hear about our plans for 2021 and beyond

Since the launch of Library Hub Cataloguing in July 2019 the service has continued to develop in response to feedback from users. We will be running a short webinar on Wednesday 7th October from 11.00 -11.30am to announce details of some changes to the way the service is delivered in 2021 and outline our continuing […]


Chatbots in Libraries

Chatbots – automated conversation systems – have several advantages. They are available 24/7 and are consistent and patient when answering queries. They remove the requirement to navigate many different sources of information. In some cases, they are less intimidating for users and fit trends of communication involving smartphones or tablets.   Over the last few months, […]

Library Hub Cataloguing Survey

Library Hub Cataloguing User Survey: Spring 2020

The Library Hub Cataloguing User survey aimed to gain feedback on the current cataloguing service and information to support service development. The survey was released on the 9th March 2020 and ran until 20thMay. The timing was unfortunate, coinciding with the lead up to the Covid-19 lockdown, home working and many other pressures on library […]

NBK Plan M

Plan M: understanding costs

One of the key things that our consultants are looking at as part of their Plan M work is the economic side of the library bibliographic metadata marketplace. We need to get an understanding of the current costs are and where that money is flowing in order to produce the robust economic modelling that will […]