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Library of the Week: 7th May: the University of Dundee Library! Find out more about the University of Dundee Library Service including four amazing site libraries, features and amenities, study spaces and a dedicated team of library staff. Thank you to Theresa Sandeman and Kirsty Sutherland at the University of Dundee Library for writing this piece.

A Guide to the University of Dundee Library Service

The University of Dundee Library Service is always striving for academic excellence, offering a rich variety of resources, services, and innovative technology-enhanced spaces to support students and staff alike in their educational and research endeavours.

With four site libraries, including the Main Library and Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design Library both on campus, Robertson Trust Medical Library situated in Ninewells Hospital & Medical School, and Kirkcaldy Library at the heart of our Fife Campus, accessibility and convenience are paramount.

Each site library boasts unique features and amenities tailored to cater to the diverse needs of its users. The Robertson Trust Medical Library, has round-the-clock accessibility, providing 24/7 swipe card entry for uninterrupted study sessions throughout the year. Similarly, the Main Library extends its opening hours to a 24/7 schedule leading up to and during exam periods, ensuring students have ample time and resources to prepare for assessments. The Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design boasts excellent collections of art and media resources and along with the Kirkcaldy Library provides dedicated study space in the heart of their unique schools.

One of the Library Service’s standout features is its diverse array of study spaces, designed to accommodate various learning preferences and group dynamics. From bookable group study rooms to individual study pods, students can find the perfect environment to collaborate, concentrate, and engage in educational pursuits. Moreover, teaching, and small conference rooms are available for reservation, providing students with opportunities to facilitate group discussions and presentations. Our spaces provide a variety of technology options too including dual screens, high spec PCs and iPad search terminals.

Additionally, the Main Library is home to a SafePod, part of the SafePod Network (SPN), which provides researchers with secure access to sensitive data for research purposes. With standardised policies and procedures in place, the SafePod ensures the confidentiality and integrity of research data, fostering a secure and conducive environment for scholarly inquiry.

Vending machines and water taps are available throughout the libraries, offering quick refreshments to fuel students’ academic endeavours. Additionally, the Main Library houses a café, providing students with a convenient space to grab a coffee or a snack between study sessions. Kitchen facilities are available on each floor of the Main Library, as well as in the other site libraries, ensuring that students have access to amenities for their convenience.

Moreover, the Main library recently unveiled its newly refurbished top floor, featuring enhanced workstations, individual docking and dedicated PCs with dual screens, and standing desks to accommodate diverse study preferences. The addition of individual semi-enclosed study booths and a calming space further enhances the study environment, providing students with options for focused concentration and relaxation.

On the ground floor of the Main Library lies the CreateSpace, a dynamic hub dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation among students. This vibrant space provides access to equipment and resources for a diverse range of creative pursuits, including 3D printing, digital embroidery, and Cricut machine smart cutting. By removing cost and space barriers, the CreateSpace empowers students to explore new interests and develop skills beyond their academic studies.

Furthermore, the CreateSpace recognises the therapeutic benefits of creativity in promoting student well-being and mental health. As such, the space offers a sanctuary for relaxation and stress relief, where students can engage in mindfulness-promoting activities such as colouring, jigsaw puzzling, and sewing. By providing opportunities for self-expression and creativity, the CreateSpace embodies the university’s commitment to nurturing balanced student development.

Beyond its innovative spaces and resources, the University of Dundee Library Service boasts dedicated teams of Academic Librarians, ready to provide information and digital literacy support to students and staff, and Research Librarians dedicated to supporting the research community. Through the online booking systems, students and staff can schedule appointments with a member of the teams to receive personalised assistance and guidance tailored to their academic and research needs. Across all our site libraries, staff and students can find a highly dedicated and capable team of library staff ready to answer enquiries and support them in their university journeys and careers.

In conclusion, the University of Dundee Library stands as a hub of innovation, creativity, and academic excellence, offering students and staff a wealth of resources and support to thrive in their educational and research pursuits. Through its innovative spaces, dedicated staff, and commitment to student well-being, the library remains a cornerstone of the university community, unlocking opportunities and fostering success for all its members.

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By Theresa Sandeman and Kirsty Sutherland

You can explore the library’s collections on Discover and find further contact details on their Discover information page.

All images copyright of the University of Dundee, reproduced with kind permission of the copyright holder.

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