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The Frederick Lanchester collection at Coventry University Library

The work of car manufacturer, engineer, scientist and inventor Frederick Lanchester (1868-1946) is celebrated by the Lanchester Interactive Archive (LIA) at Coventry University. He was a leading automobile engineer in the UK during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and creator in 1895 of the first all-British four-wheel petrol driven motor car. This work … Read more

Treasures of the Linnean Society of London Library

The Linnean Society of London, founded by James Edward Smith in 1788, is the world’s oldest learned society devoted to the biological sciences. It was created as a forum for scientific discussion, and as a home for the magnificent book, manuscript, and specimen collections of the Swedish naturalist and “father of taxonomy”, Carl Linnaeus. It … Read more

Catalogue of the Leadhills Miners’ Library

Leadhills Miners’ Library is the principal collection of the Leadhills Heritage Trust, which manages the library. The library was founded in 1741 as the Leadhills Reading Society; is both the first and earliest subscription library to be founded in Britain; and is also the world’s first library for working people. Its stock peaked at around … Read more

The National Gallery Library and the Legacy of Sir Charles Eastlake

The National Gallery Library was established in 1870 with the purchase of the private library, consisting of some 2,000 volumes, of Sir Charles Eastlake (1793-1865), first Director of the National Gallery. It now contains around 100,000 printed volumes relevant to the study of the history of paintings in the Western European tradition from the 13th to … Read more

More about London Metropolitan University Library Services

Library Services at London Metropolitan University are delighted to have our collections available on Copac, and hope that the increased visibility will create new interest in our holdings. Our main collections cover a large breadth of subject areas, ranging across Human Sciences, Languages, Social Sciences, Business and Law, and are held over our two campuses … Read more

LGBTQ and Alternative Sexuality Journals at the Bishopsgate Institute

Stefan Dickers, Library and Archives Manager at the Bishopsgate Institute, introduces us to the Institute’s diverse collection of LGBTQ and alternative sexuality journals. Bishopsgate Institute is home to one of the most comprehensive and accessible special collections and archives documenting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) histories in Britain. We started collecting LGBTQ materials … Read more

The British School at Athens Aerial Photograph Collection Digitisation Project

Penelope Zarganis, Librarian at the British School at Athens, tells us about a project to digitise the library’s unique collection of aerial photographs of Greece… The British School at Athens (BSA) is a post-graduate research institute for Hellenic Studies, one of the 7 British International Research Institutes sponsored by the British Academy. The School’s library … Read more