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Ending of Jisc and OCLC National Metadata Agreement: practical impact

As the National Metadata Agreement between Jisc and OCLC has now come to an end we have made some changes to the way we deal with OCLC data. From today (1st Aug 2022): we are no longer supplying OCLC with update files from NBK contributing libraries for inclusion of their data in WorldCat and OCLC provenance […]

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Season’s Greetings and Christmas Closure

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Library Hub team! Library Hub Support will be taking a break from 24th December until 4th January. The Library Hub services – Discover, Compare and Cataloguing – will be available over Christmas and New Year. Any queries sent over this period will be dealt with when […]

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M25 members moving from Search25 to Library Hub

In this guest post, Stuart Hunt explains the migration of the M25 Consortium libraries from Search25 to Library Hub and the benefits this has brought to members. Discovering collections and items in the collections of M25 member libraries has always been an important part of M25 membership.  For many years the Search25 service provided this […]

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LHCAB March & July 2021 Meetings

The Library Hub Community Advisory Board held meetings online in March and July 2021.  Please find a brief summary of business below. At both meetings, substantial amounts of discussion time were allocated to Plan M activity, the progress of which has been summarised via updates on this blog.  During April/May a community consultation on the […]

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Update on WorldCat Synchronisation for NBK Contributor Libraries

As of 31st January 2021, the Jisc Library Hub Cataloguing service will fully transition from being provided by OCLC to being brought in-house and aligned with other Jisc Library hub services (Discover and Compare). Further details and technical information are available in this blog post. In addition to providing the cataloguing service on Jisc’s behalf, […]