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Library Hub pilot services: Discover and Cataloguing live

We are very pleased to announce that the launch today of the first two Library Hub pilot services, Discover and Cataloguing.

The Library Hub Discover service is a resource discovery interface, giving users free access to search and discover holdings of a subset of the library catalogues contributed to the National Bibliographic Knowledgebase. This pilot uses the initial elements of our new interface designs.

The Library Hub Cataloguing service allows eligible libraries to search and download MARC records for use in their local catalogue. This service is available through a web interface and Z39.50 connection, both of which will require authentication. Access is available to current Library Hub contributors. To request access, please complete this form.

Both of these services currently contain limited data and functionality, and we will be making regular changes and updates during the pilot phase, up to the full service launch on 31st July. For more information on what is available in these pilot services, please see our About and FAQ pages.

We know that the community has been eagerly awaiting the outputs of the NBK project, and are keen to share these early services with you. Feedback gathered during the pilot phase will lead into the full service development.

We are grateful for the work of our service delivery partner OCLC, and all of the support from the library community, and look forward to sharing more exciting service developments with you over the next few months.

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