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LHCAB March & July 2021 Meetings

The Library Hub Community Advisory Board held meetings online in March and July 2021.  Please find a brief summary of business below. At both meetings, substantial amounts of discussion time were allocated to Plan M activity, the progress of which has been summarised via updates on this blog.  During April/May a community consultation on the […]

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Towards a National Metadata Agreement (with OCLC)

Those of you who have been following the Plan M discussions (and who also may have participated in the recent consultation about national metadata agreements) will no doubt be wondering where things have got to and what’s next? By way of a recap, the objective of the consultation was to understand whether there was appetite […]

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Consultation on National Bibliographic Metadata Agreements

Building on the recommendations of the Remodelling the Library Data Marketplace consultancy work, Jisc has been in preliminary discussions with two key library data suppliers to explore whether it might be possible to reach national agreements for the supply, use and re-use of bibliographic metadata. We have reached the point in our discussions with OCLC […]

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Update on WorldCat Synchronisation for NBK Contributor Libraries

As of 31st January 2021, the Jisc Library Hub Cataloguing service will fully transition from being provided by OCLC to being brought in-house and aligned with other Jisc Library hub services (Discover and Compare). Further details and technical information are available in this blog post. In addition to providing the cataloguing service on Jisc’s behalf, […]

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Next steps with Plan M Discussions (BDS)

Discussions are in progress between Jisc and the metadata supplier BDS (Bibliographic Data Services Ltd.) in relation to the objectives of Plan M and following up on the recommendations from the Remodelling the Library Data Marketplace (RLDM) project which recently concluded. We are currently working in collaboration with SCONUL and RLUK, and liaising with other […]