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Responding to change requests

Responding to change requests

You will see a couple of differences in the Library Hub Discover interface, in response to change requests received from Discover service users:

  • The records in your search results are now shown in ranked order by default.
  • And as part of this work we have also amended the display slightly, so records can fully spread across the screen.

When libraries were closed during the Covid lockdowns, we changed the default order of records in your search results to prioritise electronic materials, but more recently we’ve had requests to revert back to the original result ordering, which we’ve now done. If you prefer an alternative order to browse your search results you can change this using the Sort option above the result display.

We will continue to work on interface change requests. At the same time, we are undertaking major system redevelopment activity. The Discover service continues to grow and this systems work is part of an ongoing process to ensure we use the most appropriate technology to continue delivering a responsive and stable service.

If you have any questions or comments or if we can be of further assistance, please do let us know by emailing (marked for ‘Library Hub’.)

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